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“Gold of Saints” values people who are not afraid to follow their heart, who dare to be themselves and make their dreams come true. We respect those who can create something exceptional and remarkable, who are not afraid to step out of their comfort zone and live their passion to the fullest. The interview series is called “Be you, not them – Shoutout Series.” Our mission is to highlight individuals from various cultural, artistic, and music fields who have chosen the path of being themselves, not someone else, just like the slogan of Gold of Saints says, “Be you, not them.” We want to share the inspiring stories, challenges, and successes of these inspiring individuals, and recognize their efforts and unique contributions both in Estonia and around the world. Now, the most exciting part – let’s start the conversation with today’s interviewee, who is Genis Whylan from the We hope these conversations provide you with inspiration and encourage you to pursue your dreams.

How did your passion for hats started? What inspires you the most in this field?

I’ve been always wearing hats, but it was so hard to find them here in Spain, the good ones, big brims hats with a western weight. I’ve always been inspired by music but there’s lot of elements too, you can take an idea from anywhere, from and object to a person.

What are your everyday challenges?

Find the right materials and the most exclusive ones, making hats is not an easy thing.

How do you manage to maintain your authenticity and stay true to yourself in your field?

Always been myself, what I show on my social media it’s just me, my wife, my friends. Always stay authentic

What is your message to those who want to pursue their dreams and be their authentic selves?

Believe on what you do that’s the secret. If you work on something that makes you feel complete you’ll not feel that you’re working

How do you maintain a connection with your fans and followers?

Always treat everyone as equal, if you see my Instagram I post every custom hat with the owner’s name, doesn’t matter who your are or how famous you are. I don’t give a shit. It’s so gratifying for me to meet nice people on the process.

What are your future plans and dreams?

Move to the US and thinking to have a few shops

How do you manage to find a balance between your creative work and personal life?

That’s so hard sometimes, I work all the week, sundays too and sometimes it’s hard to stay out from your job but there’s when I think that I’m so thankful to do what I do.

What has shaped you the most and helped you grow?

Constancy and have an objective

What is the most important message you want to share with others who aspire to follow their passion and be their authentic selves?


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